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Chinese university bans Christmas

East Asia

Chinese university bans Christmas

Xi Jinping. Premier of China, whose government has imposed a crackdown on Christians

A university in northeastern China has banned its students from celebrating Christmas.

The Communist Party at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, posted an online notice that their ban was imposed to  help students develop “cultural confidence,” and to protect them from being “corro[ded by] Western religious culture.”

The ban applies to the students’ union, all student associations, and the sub-branches of the youth league.

Three years ago, another university in northwestern China banned Christmas and hung banners around the campus calling on students to “oppose kitsch Western holidays” and “Resist the expansion of Western culture.”

China is officially an atheist country and Christmas is not a national holiday, but the celebration is becoming more popular among the wealthier families in China’s larger cities.

There has been a recent crackdown on Christian activity. On 19 November a pastor from the official government body, Three-Self Church, betrayed a gathering of more than 10 Christians at weekly worship and “personal sharing” event in Heshan to the police, who raided the meeting, detained those who did not have children for hours, and released them with a warning.

In Zhejiang province, there has been a campaign of forced demolition of more than 20 churches and the removal of more than 1,000 crosses from buildings.