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Campaign to demolish church crosses in China

East Asia

Campaign to demolish church crosses in China

Church cross burns as officials remove it. (Photo: ChinaAid)

In Zhejiang province a campaign of forced demolition of more than 20 churches and the removal of more than 1,000 crosses from buildings has been documented by the religious liberty group, ChinaAid

One of the larger Christian denominations, Freedom House, said they had been “particularly affected by cross-removal and church-demolition campaigns, punishment of state-sanctioned leaders, and the arrest of human rights lawyers who take up Christians’ cases.”

According to ChinaAid hundreds of Christians have also been detained or arrested attempting to resist demolitions.

On 20 September a church cross caught fire as officials in China’s central Henan province attempted to remove it.

Officials arrived in early morning at a church located in Nanyang, Henan and began to remove the cross.

But this is only one example of a campaign by the authorities to eradicate all visible church crosses across the region.