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Camel driver killed for his faith: Mina c. 303


Camel driver killed for his faith: Mina c. 303

Mina (also called Menas) is regarded in Egypt as one of the great heroes of the Christian faith. The earliest depictions of Mina show him with two camels, suggesting that he may have been a camel driver. However, according to popular tradition he was an Egyptian soldier in the Roman army who served in Phrygia, Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey).

During the persecution under Diocletian, Mina went to the mountains where he led a life of prayer and austerity. Then at the games in Cotywus he publicly announced his Christianity, which led to his arrest. Mina was brought before the ruler of Phrygia, beaten, tortured, and finally beheaded. His body was returned to Egypt for burial at a place near Alexandria in around 303 that was later named Abu Mina after this martyr.

O Christ, the King of glory, who didst enter the holy city in meekness to be made perfect through the suffering of death: Give us grace, we beseech thee, in all our life here to take up our cross daily and follow thee, that hereafter we may rejoice with thee in thy heavenly kingdom; who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God, world without end.

Church of South India

Originally published in Heroes of the Faith by Patrick Sookhdeo (Isaac Publishing)