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British trade envoy quits government over Aasia Bibi case

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British trade envoy quits government over Aasia Bibi case

Rehman Chishti, MP. Photo Credit: Twitter

A British politician has quit his role as a trade ambassador to Pakistan citing differences with the British government over its ‘Brexit’ policy and its failure of ‘leadership’ in the Aasia Bibi case.

In recent days the British government has faced chaos around bitter differences between ministers over the UK withdrawal agreement from the European Union. Seven conservative politicians resigned in the space of a few hours from positions in the government on Thursday 15 November 2018.

Rehman Chishti, a trade envoy and vice-chair of the Conservative Party, was the only one to criticise the government’s handling of Aasia Bibi as well as Brexit.

A Muslim and the son of an Imam, Mr Chishti said he was disappointed by the the “lack of leadership” shown by the UK government in the case of Aasia Bibi.

British Christians and politicians and commentators have called for the British government to offer asylum to Aasia Bibi and her family. Other countries including Canada and Italy have offered asylum to the Bibi family. The British government is reported to have dismissed taking such a step.