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Bomb attempt on Egyptian church is averted

East Africa

Bomb attempt on Egyptian church is averted

An attempt to detonate a bomb inside the Mary Girgis church in Tanta, on Wednesday evening, 29th March, was averted by Egyptian security forces in the western province of Gharbia who found and dismantled the device.

The Al-Najda police were tipped about the bomb inside the Mary Girgis church on Ali Mubarak Street. The street was quickly sealed on both sides by the police until explosives and civil defence experts arrived to safely dismantle the bomb.

There has not yet been any comments from either the Coptic church or the government.

Attack against Christian Copts has been on the increase since following the overthrow of the President Mohamed Morsi in a military coup in 2013.

In December last year with the bombing of St Mark’s Cathedral, that killed over 20 people and the targeting of Coptic Christians bi ISIS in the Peninsula last month that exiled over 200 Coptic christian from the Al Arish region.

President Asisi has promised to protect Christians in Egypt but a recent video released by ISIS in the peninsula, seeming to prove they are in control of the region, showed the terrorist group checking pedestrian on a busy street.