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Boko Haram still potent in Niger and Nigeria

West & Central Africa

Boko Haram still potent in Niger and Nigeria

A suspected Boko Haram terror group ambushed on an army patrol, near Tiloa on Thursda killed 15 soldiers and wounded 19, according to a statement from the Defence Ministry.

The attack  occurred at the border with Mali where Islamic Jihadi Islamists have been activity trying to expand their territory. “A search operation is underway to neutralize the terrorists,” the ministry statement said.

In November, in the same area, gunmen, motor bikes and pickup trucks raided a village and killed five soldiers in Niger. The suspected Islamists kidnapped a US aid worker in central Niger a month earlier.

Attacks in Niger are much rarer than in Mali, although militants in the past year have been expanding across borders in the fragile Sahel region into Niger and Burkina Faso.

In its continuing insurgency in Nigeria, Boko Haram gunmen attacked Yaza Kumaza village in southern part of Borno state, Killing three people in the attack.

Michael Emmanuel, a vigilante operative in the area, told Reuters that the assailants stormed Yaza-Kumaza village at about 4pm Sunday, February 19. He said many villagers fled into nearby bushes when the Islamists attacked the village , and by 10pm many did not return, leaving the village deserted and most of the houses were looted.

“A Boko Haram group entered Yaza-Kumaza which is very close to Lassa town and killed three people. Many people have escaped into the bush and up till now it is only few people that have return to the attacked village after the Boko Haram gunmen had left.” Emmanuel said.

Muhammed Abbas Gava, a senior member of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria, confirmed the incident saying, “we have also received the same report from our colleagues in Askira Uba”.

These are Christian areas in Askira Uba LGA of Borno State. Boko Haram Islamic terror group has continued its Jihadist campaign against many vulnerable Christian communities and public places in the northeast despite the presence of the military and the claims by the army that the Jihadi terror group has been defeated.