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Boko Haram Spokesman released and rearrested

West & Central Africa

Boko Haram Spokesman released and rearrested

Former Boko Haram spokesman, Ali Sanda Umar Konduga known as Al-Zawahiri, has been rearrested after this release last week.

Ali-Ndume, Nigeria

Senator Ali Ndume accused of sponsoring Al Zawahiri

Al Zawahiri was arrested at the house of Senator Mohammed Ndume’s house, the Senator representing Borno North who Al Zawahiri alleged sponsored him as a Boko Haram go-between. The prosecution had withdrawn charges against Mr Ndume in the magistrates court in Abuja and Al Zawahiri’s parents had claimed he had a mental illness but was sentenced to 3 years in prison without option of fine in 2011. Now released after serving his term Al Zawahiri was reported to have gone to the senator’s house to ‘apologise for indicting him.’

Al Zawahiri’s family, still insists he has a mental illness in this incidence. The police, confirming the arrest, say he is at the Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital, Maiduguri and will later be charged, but will not make any further comments.

On the recent video released by Boko Haram in which the Jihadist groups showed its members at Eid Prayers in an open field, the Military Defence Headquarters has issued a statement saying, “The military is equally not deterred by the photoshopped assemblage of worshippers at the supposed Eid-El Kabir prayer which is a replica of the video clip released by the sect in 2014.  This has cast aspersion to the credibility of the clip and therefore should be disregarded.”


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