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Archbishop warns pastors to stop meddling in politics

East Africa

Archbishop warns pastors to stop meddling in politics

A leading Ugandan Archbishop has asked religious leaders to ‘preach the gospel’ rather than get involved with political issues.

But Christian leaders said that the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev Stanley Ntagali, was himself making a political statement.

Ntagali, speaking on Friday 31 August at the Ruwenzori Diocesan East African revival and convention, said religious leaders should not get involve with political issues because it is not their calling. “As religious leaders, our role is to preach the gospel of peace and salvation not criticising political issues in the country. We need to pray for our political leaders and peace in the country. Political leaders will bring themselves to churches for salvation,” Natagali said.

Archbishop Ntagali at Ugandan martyrs day

The comment has drawn sharp criticism from Ugandan Christians.  “If the church and its leaders keep mum about state inspired or any other form of injustice, who will speak for the voiceless? The church should play its pivotal role in ensuring justice just like Jesus did,” said Naboma, who gave only his first name.

“Politics affects us all as citizens. Church leaders must come out and be counted, otherwise they will just continue to pray for leaders and the ruling elite who are rapidly turning into fascist… instead of confronting them,” said Geoffrey Buga in another comment.

Ntagali declared Sunday, September 9 as a day of prayer for peace in Uganda. The Archbishop pointed out that Uganda is one of the most corrupt countries in the world but that the corruption begins in families where it should first be stamped out. “Some people think corruption is just misusing government money. No, there is a lot of corruption in our families which needs to be addressed,” he said appealing to Ugandan to search inwards in order to sanitize the country.


Hassan john is West Africa Editor, GCN and Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Jos.

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