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Appeal launched for Christians of Aleppo

Middle East and North Africa

Appeal launched for Christians of Aleppo

An appeal has been launched by leading UK charity, Barnabas Fund, to assist the Christian community in the besieged Syrian town of Aleppo.

Sources in the town said: “The situation here, has you may have been hearing and seeing are very bad and intolerable, even unbearable… No food, no fuel, no water, no electricity, even the generators are working less.”

According to the ministry partner of Barnabas Fund, fuel and food in the town are scarce with young children suffering the most. The shops no longer stock milk which now sells on the black market at inflated rates.

An estimated 40,000 Christians are amongst the remaining residents of the city.

Barnabas Fund published extracts from an email sent to them by their ministry partner: “The enemy has besieged the rebels… the rebels attacked us and occupied the main road (the supply route of Aleppo) and we were besieged for 10 days. And because of this, the government has surrounded the rebesl and [we have] been besieged totally.”

According to a report by Barnabas Fund (www.barnabasfund.org) the Christian community is facing tragedy every day and an increasingly grim picture is emerging of the “constant danger with which the Christians trapped in Aleppo have to live.”