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A Pakistani Christian arrested for ‘blasphemy’ over Facebook ‘Like’

South Asia

A Pakistani Christian arrested for ‘blasphemy’ over Facebook ‘Like’

Sixteen-year-old Nabeel Masih is booked under the blasphemy law in the Kasur district of the Punjab province of Pakistan for ‘liking’ and sharing a picture of Khana-e-Kaaba, a building at the heart of Islam’s most sacred mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

 A Muslim friend of Masih saw the post on his timeline and informed the police on 16 Sep 2016 claiming that the picture has been posted in a ‘derogatory manner’, hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims.

The teen was thereafter arrested said police official Shahbaz Ahmed as reported by The Gulf Today, “A case of hurting religious sentiments of Muslims and desecrating the religious place has been lodged,” Ahmed said.

Tensions remain high in that region as Christians are gripped with fear over Masih’s arrest.

 As Masih awaits trail, his family is reported to have gone into hiding and it is reported that some Christians have fled from the area.

Nasir Saeed, Director of Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), a Christian charity dedicated to helping persecuted Christians in Pakistan told Global Christian News (GCN), “We request for prayers for the current tensions in the Kasur district to be calmed while the outcome is awaited and that all the Christians that have fled Kasur district will feel safe enough to return home.”


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