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Acts 3:1-16        Who is your guide?


Acts 3:1-16        Who is your guide?

As we enter the New Year, we are both challenged and encouraged by the readings.  Who will we take as our guide as we begin our journey through the days and months ahead?  Indeed, who or what will be our god?  If, like Joshua and the apostles, we commit ourselves totally to the Lord God Almighty, then we may be sure that we have the best possible guide and guardian; one who will never leave us or forsake us.  Our part is to live in total obedience to Him.

On January 1 we remember the “Circumcision of Christ” or the “Naming of Jesus” as it is sometimes called.  Our reading from Acts speaks of the power of that name.  We sometimes use the name of Jesus in a very disrespectful or thoughtless manner: we should be very careful!  It was through the Name of Jesus that the man who had been a cripple from birth, was suddenly healed.  The crowd were astonished at what had happened, but Peter emphasised that it was in no way a result of the apostles’ own ability or character.  It was through faith in the name of the One who had been crucified but who had risen from the dead, that this man received healing.

In who or what will you put your faith this year?  If you wish to choose Christ, are you prepared to live in obedience to him at all times and in all places?