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Shock in Egypt as Coptic priest dies in Cairo knife attack

Middle East and North Africa

Shock in Egypt as Coptic priest dies in Cairo knife attack

Father Samaan. Credit Egypt Independent

A Coptic priest was stabbed to death on Thursday (12 October) in an attack in a poor Cairo district in the latest shock to the persecuted Coptic Community.

According to reports the attacker struck the priest, Father Samaan in the head with a cleaver and fled the scene. He was later arrested.

A statement from the UK Coptic leader, Bishop Angaelos, revealed that Father Samaan was paying a pastoral visit to a family in Cairo and was attacked and repeatedly stabbed.

“Why should a priest not be able to walk safely down a street, especially a suburban street in Cairo? Why should he be chased by a man brandishing a deadly weapon and have no one run to his aid; in actual fact, every was running away.

“Why, when he lay drenched in his own blood did the ambulance service not arrive for over an hour, and then not treat him?”

Bishop Angelaos called for a proper investigation of the crime. “Crime cannot be totally eradicated but at least it needs to be properly investigated, prosecuted, and shown to be a violation against the whole state and not just its immediate victim.”

The UK-based bishop called for prayers for the oppressed Coptic community.