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Global Christian News is a digital news service for the worldwide Church aiming to inform and feed the work of the Church.

We will be reporting from every region and country through extensive Christian networks, and local Christian journalists, writers, church leaders and lay people. In a fast-changing world of news, Christians need and deserve a reliable and authoritative and one-stop site for news and analysis; for teaching and spiritual resources about the forces and events altering the world beyond recognition. We will analyse and explain the great cultural challenges to the Church and Christian people: religious extremism, radicalisation; nationalism, totalitarianism; secularism, humanism, multi-culturalism, hedonism and political correctness.
We report on  persecution, suffering and  good news of the world Church

Our focus is on the persecuted church – facing genocide, or marginalisation, or discrimination, or violence, abuse and injustice.

We report on the suffering church facing famine, drought, climate change, natural disasters, and war.

We report on the good news of the Church including the saints and witnesses to be found throughout the world and the church’s work of mission and evangelism. We will tell stories of growth; steadfast faithful witness; revivals and the work of the Holy Spirit in God’s people.

Our mission statement:

Global Christian News is an international news service that pledges itself to deliver quality news, information, and analysis to a wide international audience.  We promise fidelity to the truth and to the highest standards of ethical journalism.  We further pledge ourselves to defend freedom of belief and expression, to elevate the quality of debate over public affairs, and to confront evil and alleviate human suffering.